Update on the Organist/Accompanist Search Process

When we announced Carol Hokel’s decision to bring her ministry to a close, we mentioned that we would be communicating with you from time to time about the search process for a new Organist/Accompanist. Here goes!

It has been the long-standing practice at CtK’s that search processes for lay positions are collaborative efforts headed up by a staff member. Typically, the supervisor for the position to be hired takes the lead. As Director of Worship and Music, Nate Crary has been busy updating the job description, posting the position to job search sites, and identifying others to serve with him on an interview committee. At the same time, Nate has with others to schedule organists and accompanists for Sundays during the summer.

Once applications have been received (the deadline is June 30), we will begin reviewing applications and selecting candidates for interviews and auditions. When the interviews/auditions have been completed, Nate will review the feedback from the interview team and recommend a final candidate for the position. We hope to extend an offer by August 1st, with a proposed start date for Sunday, August 13th.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we live in this period of transition. We trust that God will continue to help and guide us to find the right person to serve among us as Organist/Accompanist. Please continue to pray with us throughout this process.


Pastor Peter Hanson

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