Your Moment of Reformation: God Works in Two Ways

By Vern Rice, CtK Member

I am so glad for Martin Luther's belief that God is at work in the world in two different ways. A recent issue of the Living Lutheran says God works  "in and through the created world for the welfare of all, and through the gospel to bring people to saving faith in Jesus Christ."

I have experienced both of these: working with people of good will in the structures of government seeking good order and justice through political and community service activities. I also love being a part of the church which helps spread the love of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Luther made a distinction between these two realms of God's work, but  he didn't separate them; they are both God's work.

In the church, I do not promote partisan political issues, but as a Christian I care deeply about what is going on in the world where so much injustice and disorder needs to be addressed. Listen to the commitments we make in baptism: We not only promise to nurture the baptized "in faith and prayer" but also "to work for justice and peace". There we have it: God works in two ways in this world that God loves so much!