Now in session: Worship and Music Task Force

A task force has recently been convened to explore the purpose and form of worship at Christ the King.

What is the purpose of this task force?
This task force was organized for three primary purposes:
  1. Clarify the role of worship in Christ the King’s mission
  2. Identify the place of music in worship at Christ the King
  3. Develop the role for the Director of Worship and Music at Christ the King
Why was this task force convened now?
Round-table discussions about worship during the summer of 2014, along with the
changes in the worship schedule this past fall and the retirement of Bruce Phelps,
have come together to make the conversations about worship at Christ the King,
and the role of music in worship, a very timely issue.

Who is on the task force?
Tina Brauer, Mark Edwards, Peter Hanson, Joel Hoeger, Joann Knuth, Roland Martinson, Jen Miller, and Anne Van Bruggen

How will the task force conduct its work?
The task force will solicit feedback from the congregation in many different ways,
  • Talking one-on-one with members of the congregation
  • Conducting a survey of the congregation
  • Hosting focus groups and round table discussions
They also will visit other churches and research various worship formats to see
how Christ the King compares to what other congregations are doing. Above
all, they value transparency and spirited discussion as ways of inspiring creative
thinking about worship at Christ the King.

What is the timeline for the work of the task force?
Organize Work: February 2015
Gather Information: March/April 2015
Analyze and Interpret Information: April 2015
Report Findings and Recommendations to Staff, Council, and Congregation:
May 2015

How can I help with this process?
If at all possible, participate in one of the focus groups or round table discussions,
and fill out the survey (coming in March) to provide more specific feedback. All
of the task force members would also welcome feedback from members of the

Continue to watch your weekly e-news and the website for additional updates from the task force. 

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