Your Moment of Reformation: Michael King Honors Martin Luther

by Vianney Blomgren, CtK Member

Matthew 6:24: No one can serve two masters.  You cannot serve both God and money.

One devotional man made a decision to serve the one and only God.  Martin Luther, the man who turned his back on the most powerful political party of its time, the catholic church, by challenging their theological perspective (95 Theses).  After having spent much time studying the scripture, Martin knew that he was being called by God to speak up.

Luther was infuriated that the church was accepting money in exchange for a blind eye to a corrupted system.  He began to question their theology and ideology?  In Martin Luther’s 95 theses he basically asked the catholic church whether they were worshipping God or if they were worshipping themselves.  Luther became a problem for the catholic church.  However, this did not stop Luther rather fueled him into doing what was right.  He knew that our God was a sovereign God and that only through faith would we be saved, not through the church itself and most definitely not through indulgences.

In Martin Luther’s disputation about scholastic Theology he stated that (25) you cannot achieve hope based on worthiness, perfection, or stature; Luther believed that hope developed out of suffering and this statement caused a lot of turbulence among the rich, and self declared ‘saved’.

As I revisited the 95 theses, I was overwhelmed with excitement as I revisited Luther’s interpretation of the scripture, as it oozed in fairness, love for God and Grace.  He deconstructed Catholicism by removing that which was beneficial to only man falling short to God.  It is no wonder when Michael King traveled to Germany and learned about Luther’s (95 theses) reformation, he felt not only a strong connection but reaffirming hope in a better tomorrow. In Martin Luther, Michael saw a Godly man whose love for God would not be compromised for social status. Inspired and honored by Martin Luther’s boldness, combativeness, and foremost faithfulness in God, Michael King change his name as well as his son’s name to Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King Jr.

This African American theologian, a missionary fighting for civil rights from an oppressive westernized European society, took on the name of a German theologian, who was fighting his own people in order to defend what he felt was moral.  Both Godly men, both standing up for what they believed to be right.  Both unknowing what the future would bring, but both knowing that through hope and faith in God, mountains could be moved.  I would say that to carry the name Martin Luther comes with some great expectations of Godly Awesomeness!

Thanks be to God, Martin Luther King Jr.  did not let them down.